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Some early impressions of Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I have played for about six hours today, with a break in the middle to go and upgrade my computer. (New graphics card, more RAM, now it doesn't give everyone plastic hair and the graphics have stopped with the momentary freezing. The fact that I am in a stage of life where I can randomly and wantonly go and spend a couple of thousand rand on an essentially inessential upgrade just because I feel like it, still fills me with wonder.)

  1. Inquisition pretty. And far more open-world, hooray.
  2. Story interesting, world-building ditto. Thedas politics is always pleasingly chewy.
  3. Combat seriously unpleasant. They've done away with auto-attack and click to move, which means you have to button-mash horribly. In my case, particularly horribly, because I suck at it.
  5. I have played for six hours and just finished the intro section. I'm not sure what this bodes, but it definitely bodes.

In a completely characteristic attack of the Cosmic Wossnames, my weekend is filled with social commitments. Notwithstanding this minor impediment, I should imagine that further dispatches from the inquisitorial front will almost certainly follow.

(My car music has moved on to the Eurythmics, which is appropriate given my fondness for her kick-butt contralto and my inevitable gaming tendency to play kick-butt women. Hence subject line.)
Have you heard Lennox's version of "Live with me and be my love" from the When Love Speaks album?

I originally bought a copy for the Alan Rickman track, but it also includes Branagh, Gryffud, Gielgud, Rigg, Fiona Shaw, Rufus Wainwright, etc.
Gosh, I haven't listened to that in ages! yes, I too bought it for the Rickman track, but you're right, the Lennox is amazing. I've also just ordered her new album of jazz covers, looking forward to it immensely. Eurythmics is one of the few tastes from my teenagerhood which has survived my entire life, and mostly that's on her.