South Park Self

Oh, fine.

Apparently taking selfies makes me look grumpy and suspicious. I suspect, actually, that this job is making me grumpy and suspicious. I'm developing this pronounced frown line between my eyebrows, I shall have to practice looking more cheerful. Anyway, this is off centre because I am a complete neophyte selfie-taker and all the centred ones made me extra-grumpy and extra-suspicious.

They're nice glasses. I'm very happy with how they've turned out, or will be once I've got used to them and they've stopped rubbing the bridge of my nose. However, because he's way more photogenic, have a Still Life With Hobbit.

Re: Hobbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt!!!!!
Thank you. I feel you should know that Hobbit had a dose of catnip this morning and is currently passed out on the floor, having spent an hour killing carpets viciously and running around the house like a demented thing. The photograph is extremely misleading. While he's definitely that decorative, he's very seldom that calm.
Huzzah! Thank you for the showing of the specs. They are indeed most fine. As is Hobbit, but obviously.
I've seen worse specs, probably worn some at one point! Maybe the apparent grumpiness is due to work?

As for centring - why? All the photography bods say things about thirds and the like. Mind you, a little more work on getting verticals vertical and horizontals perpendicular to them might not come amiss. The more so should you ever be photographing sea-scapes. The number of shots I've seen where the slant on the sea horizon looks ideal for water-skiing . . .