South Park Self

a suffusion of yellow

I have emerged, mostly unscathed and presumably de-polyped, from the slightly haphazard embrace of the medical establishment. (Five hours of waiting for theatre, during which the nurses utterly failed to restore the missing curtains from my cubicle, rendering changing clothes somewhat of an exposed experience, and I read four-fifths of The Name of the Wind, which is interesting, if slightly gender-unenlightened grimdark fantasy whose protagonist is something of an oblivious dick for most of it). Most noticeable side-effect of the whole procedure: two days of random bursting into tears for no apparent reason, which I'd forgotten is the usual result of anaesthetic on my hapless form. I await with alert interest to see if the polyp-removal does have any actual effect on my currently completely randomised menstrual cycle, which has not been operating as a cycle so much as a sort of wayward and slightly amnesiac wavy line.

I feel the need to share for posterity some rather soothing web-widgets which have whiled away my slightly lachrymose recovery.
  • This is beautifully random: it consists solely of a web page which reflects the time (hour/minute/second) as the colour of the hexadecimal colour code represented by the numbers. You can sit and watch it slowly, gradually shade as the seconds tick by. It's weirdly soothing.
  • This is also colour-related - you choose a colour from the palette and randomly spread it across the black screen, and it builds you galaxies. They're beautiful and ethereal.
  • This is meditative and exploratory and gently primitive, and the music is a lot of its effect, but I also like the strange, spidery creature you grow. Also, not actually two-dimensional, although you may think so at first.