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Day 156: not a social animal

Oo er time has rather crept up on me again, alas. Featureless lockdown days meander past like lazy insomniac sheep-counting sheep, dozens have ambled hypnotically over the fence before you notice. Although I should add for posterity, and jo&stv, who apparently sit in New Zealand and worry that they have relocated my entire social life to another continent, that I had one (1) whole in-person social interaction this weekend, I visited Vi and had gin on the lovely stoep of her nice new house, both of us carefully masked and social distanced and in the fresh air. Apparently I can uncurl from the hedgehoggy ball if prodded sufficiently.

Also, I hired the nice neighbour, who does odd jobs and is suffering worklessness under lockdown, to climb up ladders and replace all my lightbulbs yesterday, as I do not trust my dodgy balance/ineffective left arm combination at dizzy heights when alone in the house, my body would lie there for days, probably gnawed on by unimpressed cats, if I maintained my usual form and fell off. So that's two actual in-person interactions in a week, I am a merry hive of social activity. He also unscrewed the lightbulb cover in the oven, which the landlord tightened so efficiently I haven't been able to budge it, and put up the replacement house number outside (bastards nicked the old ones) so that my deliveries do not wander plaintively up and down the road, apparently unable to interpolate Number 10 from the aggressively labelled Number 12 next door. My house is now Well Lit and Plottable. Next up, when I have recovered from all this socialising, he can come and replace the washers in all the taps, currently you have to turn the hot tap in the sink anything between five and fifteen times before it randomly consents to disgorge actual water. And the shower one falls off.

Jo&stv have actually relocated my entire social life to another continent, but I honestly don't miss it much. I miss them, but not the social life. And not being able to unscrew things or climb up ladders are really very minor and fixable drawbacks to the otherwise wholesale joy of living alone. Even under lockdown. I am still enjoying lockdown. Sorry. This entry has been crossposted from my Dreamwidth blog at https://freckles-and-doubt.dreamwidth.org/. The comment action is all over there, and supports OpenID.
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