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I am charmed to be reminded that 15th March is the anniversary of the death of H P Lovecraft. Posting a link about hairy Yeti crabs seems curiously, if unconsciously, appropriate. The anniversary also clearly requires mention of one of my favourite short SF stories, a charming little effusion called "Ralph Wollstonecraft Hedge: A Memoir", by one Ron Goulart, which is a withering and hysterical satire on the life of Lovecraft, with a nice line in parody of the weird recluse. Selected highlights follow:
    ... He apparently was found on a doorstep in his twenty-fifth year, with no recollection of his past. The doorstep itself was found in a forest in Bristol, Rhode Island, where the Druids from the neighbourhood held occasional outings up until the McKinley era. These early associations seemed to have little effect on Hedge, although in the autumn he would turn a russet gold colour and exhibit a tendency to drift gently to the ground.

    ... Hedge was violently afraid of squirrels. It is therefore somewhat ironic that during the Depression a great many squirrels took to hiding nuts all about the ground floor of Hedge's home. I have taken more than one nasty spill as a result of unexpectedly stepping on a cashew.

    ... Hedge spent a good deal of time behind things and so most of his tales were dictated... To the best of my knowledge, most of his best stories were hallucinations. Many is the morning I would be sitting in the music room swatting squirrels only to have Hedge interrupt me by running in whooping... It is in this way that his renowned The Thing in the Dumbwaiter and The Shuffler Beyond the Transom were composed.

    ... In late 1939, RWH was, as he had always feared would happen, carried off by the squirrels...
The manifold demands of teaching, book updating and encyclopedia entry writing mean that I badly need new distractions; having finished the latest batch of borrowed books (fluffy) and rejected the latest batch of book club books (demanding), I was forced to fall back on DVD-watching. This week I have finished Season 5 of Buffy, re-watched half of the first season of Doctor Who, and immersed myself thoroughly in both the X-Men movies, plus all DVD extras. I am pleased to report woe, apocalypse, self-sacrificing death, weird aliens, time travel, and a heavy crush on Wolverine. Why the hell this last should happen I have no idea, he left me utterly unmoved the first few times I saw the movies. I think my life must currently be very, very dull.

On the upside, Worthless Words are having a spate of relevance. Clinomania: the overwhelming desire to stay in bed. Oh, yeah. And theiform: having the form of tea. Like me after several days lounging around the house watching DVDs and swilling Earl Grey.
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. I am pleased to report woe, apocalypse, self-sacrificing death, weird aliens, time travel, and a heavy crush on Wolverine. Why the hell this last should happen I have no idea, he left me utterly unmoved the first few times I saw the movies.
Maybe you have a thing for sideburns and claws? I could return the frog with fake nails to snap you out of it!
I most definitely don't have a thing for sideburns, but I am horrified to notice that almost all of my recent film obsessions have been for characters with bloody great blades of one sort or another. Captain Jack Sparrow. Aragorn. Riddick. Now Wolverine. Naughty subconscious, or something.
More Wolverine
Oooh, I saw the trailer for X-Men 3! It looks awesome. Wolverine looked suitably menacing. :)
Re: More Wolverine
I'm really happy to hear that, I've been a bit worried about the third one. I not only loved the first two, I really took to Bryan Singer, who comes across all intelligent on the making-of documentaries, and very intensely committed to the whole thing. I have rather serious reservations about Brett Ratner, who seems to have a track record of puerile comedy. I mean, Rush Hour? Please! He also seems to be doing apocalyptically final things with the franchise, which Singer was seeing as pretty much infinite, rather than a trilogy. I detect hubris. And he's possibly directing the Wolverine spinoff, too. Let's hope X3 is as cool as its trailer.

I am pained to note there's no Nightcrawler in the X3 credits. I really enjoyed Nightcrawler! Woe!

Must actually try and get hold of some of the Joss Whedon Amazing X-Men comics, this may stave off X-withdrawal until the third movie comes out...
Coming soon to a Jo(ty) near you...
I am soon to be getting the hardcover graphic novels of Ultimate X-men (for those unenlightened among you, the Ultimate series takes established comic-book characters and places them in here-and-now settings). You are welcome to borrow them, they are really cool. Should fend off those X-cravings for a while.