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Ruthless Rhymes for Stupid Students, V*

Essay waffle off the topic
bootless is, and catastrophic.
Toiling late, you must refrain
from making comments ungermane
or soon you'll rue this fatal flaw
when They come knocking at your door
and make you answer for your lack
to sinister, suited Men In Black
who vanish you to secret cells
and, disregarding tears and yells
condition you with this suggestion:
focus on the bloody question!

Alas, no epiglotti, despite all useful suggestions. (For a given value of "useful". You loons). Maybe next time.

Still catching up after the marking/invigilation marathon. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a brain, and a body composed of something other than a mass of ache.

* Yes, I know my numbering is out of order. I left out V (for no adequately defined reason other than that I'm an English academic and can't count), so I'm slotting it in.
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Re: Oooh
Glad you like it, but perception is a very weird thing: I was feeling that it's a particularly weak one. Also, I must have been reading the expurgated Dr. Seuss as a kid - the ones lacking both the gannet and the word "bloody." I'm aiming more at a cross between Harry Graham and Roald Dahl.
Darn - meant to offer 'streptococcus', but forgot... Not that I think your rhyme is lacking for the lack of 'epiglottis' - it's great =)
Re: Dingbathood
Oh, I dunno... anything's better with an epiglottis... (Incredible Advertising Slogans We're Grateful Never Happened).

I will clearly have to dedicate the next Ruthless Rhyme solely to things rhyming with "epiglottis", which should, apart from being a challenge approaching impossibility, be pleasantly surreal.
Following dinner at an Italian restaurant
Plural of Manicotti, a type of pasta.
Only a visual rhyme :/
Re: Following dinner at an Italian restaurant
And pannacottas!