with my mastery of narrative structure I should be ruling the cosmos by now

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Lives in Cape Town, subject to the inexpressible whims of cats, academia and sudden random outbreaks of fangirling.

Likes: non-realist fiction, procrastination, Dorothy Parker, owls, sf b-movies, cooking huge meals for friends.
Low reprehensible passions: spaceships, superheroes, swordfighting.
Dislikes: hot weather, cherubs, clutter, karaoke, African political realism, Tom Cruise.
Vices: hyperbole, pulp literature, unmarked quotation, Earl Grey tea.
Virtues: efficiency, waffle, occasional intelligence.

Breaks easily. May fizz suddenly without warning in presence of certain catalysts. Will growl at grammatical malfeasance. Highly self-conditioned to only fall in love with fictional people. Gets high on words.

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